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Jergens Workholding Solutions Group Introduces Fixturing System for Five-Axis Machining


IMTS 2010 ShowDaily • September 17, 2010 IMTS.COM


By Tom Beard

Modern Machine Shop


When Jergens studied how most parts were held and loaded onto five-axis machining centers, they knew there had to be a better way. “These are extremely capable but expensive machines,” says Bob Rubenstahl, group manager for Jergens’ workholding products. “For shops to get maximum value out of their considerable investment, it’s really important to be as efficient as possible with your setup and part change processes.”


So Jergens designers set out to develop a complete workholding system that is tailored to five-axis machining, and that applies the same quick-change concepts they are known for that are now widely used on three- and four-axis machines. The result is the new Jergens 5-Axis Workholding System. The system is designed to enable unrestricted access to the workpiece, but do so on rigid, quick-change pallets to provide precise location accuracy with part-to-part change-over times of less than 60 seconds.


The modular system includes a variety of risers that increase accessibility by raising the workpiece off the table. Subplates are available with Jergens’ Ball Lock or Quick Locating (QLS) systems. The pallet changer is available in round or square configurations. The combination of the “pull-stud” design and dovetail five-axis vise is said to provide additional rigidity that stands up to the higher cutting forces.


“With so many more shops now getting into five-axis machining, there is a great need for this product,” Rubenstahl says. “We think we can help them get a lot more out of their machine tools, in faster setup, change-over, and more aggressive machining operations.”


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