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Announcing New Spinner-Grip™ Flange Locknuts!


CLEVELAND, OH—February 6, 2006—Jergens, Inc. has announced a new series of flange locknuts. Spinner-Grip™ is a superior alternative to standard flange nuts as well as locknuts, including Nylon® insert locknuts.


Jergens Spinner-Grip™ nuts are Grade 8 strength and quality, and are more effective than standard hex nuts, flange nuts, or other locknuts at maintaining clamp load under heavy vibration. Their unique design locks the nut to the part, not to the bolt threads. Flat washers are not needed, except in slotted applications. Unlike common torque locknuts, they will not gaul bolt threads or the plating on fasteners.


Their all-metal, free-spinning design eliminates the need to tighten by “wrenching-down”—found in other similar products—greatly speeding installation.


Unlike Nylon insert locknuts, Spinner-Grip™ nuts can be reused many times, and will not be effected by humidity.


Jergens maintains an inventory of un-plated nuts so customers can specify their choice of plating. Sizes are from ¼-20 to M16-2.00.


If you are interested, please call us at (800) 537-4367 or email us at