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Hard & Soft Vise Jaws

  • Standard fully machinable soft jaws, as supplied on the Production Vises and Columns
  • Extra Wide fully machinable soft jaws. (-W)
  • Extra Tall fully machinable soft jaws. (-T)
  • Hard Jaw Carriers are drilled and tapped to accept hard jaw plates. (-H)
  • Hard Jaw Plates are hardened steel plates that bolt onto the hard jaw carriers. (-H) Jaws are offered three ways:
  • Jaw Sets include two moveable jaws and one fixed jaw.
  • Moveable Jaws are sold in pairs
  • Fixed Jaws are sold separately.
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Jaws for 4" (100mm) Vises

Jergens Part NumberBOCK Part NumberDescriptionABCDE(1)FG
49420 CAD
SJS-100Standard Machinable Soft Jaw Set ( 3 pcs)3.951.224.002.502.20  
49421 CAD
SMJ-100Pair of Standard Moveable Soft Jaws (2pcs) *3.951.224.00    
49422 CAD
SFJ-100Standard Fixed Jaw (1 pc)3.95 1.222.50   
49423 CAD
SJS-100WExtra wide Machinable Soft Jaw Set (3 Pcs)5.951.224.002.502.20  
49424 CAD
SMJ-100WPair of Wide Moveable Jaws (2 pcs) *5.951.224.00    
49425 CAD
SFJ-100WWide Fixed Jaw (1pc)5.951.22 2.50   
49450 CAD
SJS-100TExtra Tall Machinable Soft Jaw Set (3 pcs)3.952.005.002.501.70  
49451 CAD
 Pair of Tall Moveable Jaws (2 pcs) *3.952.005.00    
49452 CAD
 Tall Fixed Jaw (1pc)3.952.00 2.50   
49428 CAD
 Pair of Moveable Hard Jaws (2pcs) *3.951.223.44    
49426 CAD
HJS-4Hard Jaw Carrier Set (3)3.951.223.440.962.88  
49427 CAD
HFJ-4Fixed Hard Jaw (1 pc)3.951.22 0.96   
49429 CAD
SNJS-4Hardened Steel Jaw Insert (4)3.95    0.351.23

Jaws for 6" (150mm) Vises

Jergens Part NumberBOCK Part NumberDescriptionABCDE(1)FG
49430 CAD
SJS-150Standard Machinable Soft Jaw Set (3 pcs)5.951.455.003.003.50  
49431 CAD
SMJ-150Pair of Std. Moveable Soft Jaws (2pcs) *5.951.455.00    
49432 CAD
SFJ-150Std Fixed Soft Jaw (1 pc)5.951.45 3.00   
49433 CAD
SJS-150WExtra Wide Machinable Soft Jaw Set (3 pcs)7.951.455.003.003.50  
49434 CAD
SMJ-150WPair of Wide Moveable Soft Jaws (2 pcs) *7.951.455.00    
49435 CAD
SFJ-150WWide Fixed Soft Jaw (1 pc)7.951.45 3.00   
49455 CAD
SJS-150TExtra Tall Machinable Jaw Set (3 pcs)5.952.506.003.003.00  
49453 CAD
SMJ-150TPair of Tall Moveable Jaws (2 pcs) *5.952.506.00    
49454 CAD
 Tall Fixed Jaw (1pc)5.952.50 3.00   
49436 CAD
HJS-6Hard Jaw Carrier Set (3 pcs)5.951.484.500.964.00  
49438 CAD
 Pair of Moveable Hard Jaws (2pcs) *5.951.484.50    
49437 CAD
HFJ-6Fixed Hard Jaw (1 pc)5.951.48 0.96   
49439 CAD
SNJS-6Set of 4 Hard Jaw Plates (4 pcs)6.00  0.481.750.481.75

Vise Conversion Plates

Part NumberVise Size
49440 CAD
4 " / 100 mm
49441 CAD
6 " / 150 mm

Vise Handles

Part NumberVise Size

Vise Work Stop

Part NumberType
49444 CAD
Double Pivot
49459 CAD
Single Pivot

E(1) Mounted Dimensions; (2) Steel Jaw Plates not included; (3) Steel Jaw Plates have black-oxide finish and are hardened to Rc 54/58.

Note: Steel available for all soft jaw sets, add -S to the base part number. EX; 49420-S. * For Self Centering Vises - moveable jaw sets available with gibs for tighter tolerances within rails. Add "SC" to part number. EX: 49421SC