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Booster Installation Kits

Jergens offers four kits to simplify the installation of your Jergens booster. The kits may be used with any Jergens booster. 62203—This kit is recommended for most applications. The kit includes everything needed to connect your air line to the booster and everything needed to connect the booster to your fixture. 62204—This kit should be used when the protection of a pilot check valve is not required, as in punching or staking applications. 62205—This kit is the same as kit 62203 except the hand valve has been eliminated. Use this kit when the system will be activated by a foot valve, solenoid or pilot operated valve. 62206—This kit should be used for punching or other applications where no check valve is required and the system will be activated by a foot valve.

    Items Included in Installation Kit:

  • Filter/Regulator 61617
  • 4-Way Hand Valve 61615
  • Muffler 62613
  • Air Hose (18 Ft.) 61108
  • Pilot Check Valve 61629
  • Hydraulic Hose (6 Ft.) 61205
  • Quick Disconnects Couplings 61915, 61965
  • Fittings as Req'D

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PartItems Included
NumberIn Kit
62203 CAD
62204 CAD
62205 CAD
62206 CAD

60711 CAD
3000 psi
60712 CAD
6000 psi
60713 CAD

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